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At Earth Driven Platters & Catering we firmly believe in the healing, energising powers of healthy earth driven foods. So why not utilise these foods in a way that can service the masses?

Our aim is to turn the general perception of a food platter on it's head. 
No longer do your party platters have to be a source of dissatisfaction and guilt. 

By switching those processed dips for specialty, home-made options and those frozen mini pies to gorgeous fruits and vegetables, Earth Driven creates platters which are healthy, vibrant, and provide a unique experience for you and your guests or clients. 

By providing platters for both private and corporate events, as well as special occasions and gifts for your valued clients, our vision is to provide a memorable experience in each and every platter.

We want to work closely with you and show you that earth driven foods really are like a hug you can taste

Delivering on the Central Coast Peninsula or pick-up from Empire Bay.